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Affiliate marketing and tracking software with free demo

How our Affiliate Software works

The overall success of Affiliate marketing business is depending upon the Affiliate software support. At Daani we have a different department that is devoted to the advancement of the latest affiliates marketing ideas for best affiliate software solutions.

Increase your Affiliate Marketing business and revenue by 400% with our affiliate marketing and tracking software. Raise your business website traffic, network belts, and sales. Our marketing tools enable you the power to grow your network in almost no time. You can manage your 3rd party API to manage your social networks or other tools as well.

As an Affiliate Merchant or Company, you need an Affiliate Software to handle your Affiliate referrals and other business-related services like commissions and payment. This best affiliate software solution can easily be provided by any MLM or affiliate marketing software company you hired. A good Affiliate Tracking system can open the gates of success for both merchants and Affiliates.

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The advantage of our Affiliate Tracking Software

1) Launch your Affiliate business online in a matter of no time.

2) Monitor your business through affiliate software in a runtime.

3) Manage and maintain your brands with banners and affiliate business links.

4) Inflow more traffic to raise your affiliate website with the help of affiliate software.

5) Increase in revenue with more sales and business overall.

6) Generate more and more leads with the help of affiliate software.

7) Top-rated Best Affiliate software.

8) Just click and Go Features of Affiliate software.

  • Manage leads to generations.
  • Gain more customers through unique multitasking features.
  • Track your affiliates at the runtime.
  • Most affordable package in its class.

Free Affiliate tracking and marketing software demo

Join hands with a company that has experience over a decade in Low-cost Affiliate tracking and marketing software business. Our track record speaks itself as we have giving support to some of the leading giants of Affiliate Software business worldwide. You can check on Affiliate tracking software demo or by filling up a simple form and we will send you the access details to your email id.

Customize Affiliate Payouts

  • Set Custom Commissions on Group or Level base
  • Setup Unlimited Affiliate Level and Groups
  • Set commsions intervals in days or month

Run Time Stats & Reports

  • Monthly and Yearly Reports for Clicks
  • Monthly and Yearly Reports for Commissions
  • Monthly and Yearly Reports for Sales

User Friendly Management

  • User Freindly Admin
  • Detail Reporting
  • Track from anywhere system

Multiple Affiliate Tracking Options

  • Support for links
  • Setup Direct Links with Invisilinks
  • Built-In Ad Tracking Module

Email & Newsletter Management

  • Unlimited Mailing Lists and Follow Ups
  • Mass Email Affiliates for Broadcast
  • Archive All Outgoing Emails



Replicated Affiliate Site Design

  • Full Responsive Theme via Bootstrap
  • Theme as per the members
  • Upload New Themes

Multi Language

  • Manage in Multi Language
  • Create new files
  • Manage Files

Unlimited Affiliate Offers

  • Set Offers
  • Set unlimited Programs and offers
  • Set logos and themes

Multiple Affiliate Tracking Tools

  • Create an Affliate Event Calendar
  • Add unlimited Page Peel Ads
  • Built-In Ad Tracking Module

Network Marketing Features

  • Supports Up To 10 Downline Levels
  • Admin Area Downline Viewer
  • Email Downline Option

100% Safe and Secure

  • Monitoring of IP Address
  • Admin Area IP Restrictions
  • Duplicate Transaction ID monitor

Multi Currency

  • Manage in Multi Currency
  • Create new files
  • Manage Files

Multiple Payment Options

  • Paypal Direct Pay and Mass Payment Files
  • Print affiliate payment invoices
  • Pay affiliates via check

Data Management

  • Paypal Direct Pay and Mass Payment Files
  • Print affiliate payment invoices
  • Pay affiliates via check

Third Party API Integration

  • Affiliate Integration with Virtually Any Site
  • Extend Through Affiliate API Commands
  • Automatic Group Upgrade API

Our Affiliate Marketing Software worldwide review

3 Reviews of overall 100 reviews

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Explore your business to the open world

Explore your business beyond the boundaries or any other limits like multi currency or multi language as we offer all this features to our high profile MLM or direct selling software.

Best home base business solution

We offer the best in class software that can be very much compatible for the online business like Affiliate marketing, MLM, direct selling or network marketing, in other words we can say that you just need one software to manage all the sectors.

Fully Responsive website

Run your business on the matter of your choice, we offer a fully responsive website which can be manage by mobile or a laptop, it’s your choice as what makes your comfortable.








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