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In other terms MLM Matrix Plan is also called as Ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan in MLM industry which is pretty much similar to Pyramid. In MLM Matrix plan members are mostly compensated when they achieve a particular level that is set by the company. The MLM Company can set the various levels that are like 2 by 2 or 3 by 5 in other words, we can say that 3 in width and 5 in depth. After achieving this goal most of the time companies switch to a different plan or mode.

According to Matrix Plan the width is limited, therefore; a member can motivate his/ her down line members to earn more profit. MLM Companies can make more aggressive Forced Matrix plan by rising the bonuses and compensation, it is among the most popular plans in the multi level marketing industry as it has potential growth for both newcomers as well as old ones.

Daani MLM Software has experts when it comes to developing the MLM Matrix Plan Software, as we have the top standard Technical Support team which is having an experience more than 12 years. All the MLM Plans deserve the best backup in terms of MLM Software as it will gain hold and manage the whole system of the business in case one thing goes wrong the whole system will collapse. We have a long list of satisfied customers who are using our MLM Matrix Plan Software without any issue from over the years. Please Feel Free to sign up for a Free demo MLM Matrix Plan Software or contact us and we will revert you as soon as possible.

Basic Features of our Software

Real Time


One of the main stream feature of our software is the real time reporting section. One can look at all the details in run time and make the better decision towards its marketing business.

Multiple Marketing


We had added numerous amounts of tools which will help you with your online marketing dreams. Advance versions of our tools like Email Marketing, Visitors tracking, social media connectivity etc. are the few tools which will give you flexibility and time that you always have been looking for.



This is one of the most important features of our marketing software as this allows you to manage or run your business in the go. You can run your business while you are accessing Laptop or Mobile.

Runs on all


There is no point of a software which is unable to run on all the devices, our marketing software is tested enough on all the online and offline devices to give you the hassle free business handling.

Multiple Payment


Multi currency and Multi Language enables you the advantage of running you business beyond the boundaries. Check on this feature and find out how this allows you to achieve your goal in the business.

Safety and


Safety and security is the top priority of our software. We had tested our software over and over again when it comes to security. We at Daani MLM Software make sure that all your details, payments and business related info be secure with us.

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