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Home party plan is a passion for selling directly to the customers through social and personal activities which can be via meeting people or calling them in a home to present their products and motivate them for buy.

An MLM Home party plan is a home-based business that is mostly operated by ladies and it can be managed and promote by certain social touches. These kinds of parties can be divided into three major parts like consultant, host, and guests. During the party a short presentation is given to the guest about the products or goods, mostly this is how a direct selling or party plan MLM business works.

MLM Party Plan software is a vital asset to manage your business. At Daani MLM Software we have developed just the right kind of party plan software which enables you the power of managing and promoting your business at the same time.

Our Party Plan MLM Software has many advantages like managing party schedules, payment management, phone and network directory, stock and inventory management and a few others.


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How can our Party Plan software help you to run your home base business?

1) Our party plan software is among the best organization tools available today in the MLM Business. We had managed to build it in a user-friendly manner and it had been tested by over 100 non-tech guys as a volunteer.

2) Our Software helps you to keep everything straight and simple.

3) We had set up different formats of reports for your comfort.

4) We had set up a reminder system which helps you keep the things in much more organize or as per your needs

5) We have a different section for the management of inventory and stock.

There can be a lot of reasons to hire us as your service provider for party plan software but we would suggest you to just go through our Home Party Plan MLM Free software Demo and find out yourself as to how we differ from others.

In case if you’re looking for support on a consultant for a home party plan or direct selling business then you can ping us as well.

It’s a live demo which means that one of our tech support pros will be there to guide and help you with your queries.