About Us


DAANI IT SOLUTION PVT. LTD. is a leading provider of enterprise, web based and readymade software solutions. Our Enterprise/Professional Management System solutions allow customers to manage the entire lifecycle of enterprise/professional content from creation to disposition. DAANI Software provides an integrated platform for Companies that enable them to address critical professional needs, such as business management, information management, profession continuity, compliance and risk mitigation.

Our History

Initially founded as a consulting business in 2002, DAANI Software quickly evolved into the dominant player in the market. Companies rely on leader DAANI solutions to leverage investments in legacy applications in host environments. DAANI Software diversified its business by acquiring knowledge enabling enterprise/professional software technologies for managing unstructured and structured content.

Celebrating Innovation and Diversity

DAANI Software marked its 20th Anniversary in 2022. Our people are dedicated to creating customer satisfaction. We take an innovative approach to product development and solving problems. We celebrate diversity. As a company, our office respects the cultures and communities it serves.

Support & Services

DAANI Technical Support provides timely, reliable, and cost-efficient assistance to our clients. Our support organization is staffed with highly motivated, trained professionals dedicated to providing quality support as quickly as possible.

DAANI Professional Services is an organization that will work with you to deploy and manage your critical DAANI applications. We provide end-to-end accountability and ensure that DAANI solutions deliver the return you expect. Our highly skilled professionals will work with you to transform your profession, empower your people, and help your profession thrive.

DAANI Education Services provides comprehensive and focused programs to ensure that DAANI customers and partners can rapidly maximize the return on investment in DAANI technologies. Our Education Specialists work with business leaders, end users, IT professionals, and training groups to develop and execute the education and training strategy needed to bring employees to peak performance on DAANI solutions